Train Like A Dancer

Created by former professional Ballet dancers, BalletBody incorporates the elegance of Ballet into

workout classes suitable for all dance and fitness levels.

Train Like A Dancer

Created by former professional Ballet dancers, Balletbody incorporates the elegance of ballet into an hour-long fitness class suitable for all dance and fitness levels.


With or without previous ballet experience, you will learn proper techniques and have a great workout here. The teachers are very attentive to students and make you feel welcome and encouraged. I've been attending both at the studio and their online classes everyday. BalletBody not only helps me learn ballet, tone up and strengthen my body, but also gives me that "me" time to detach from everything else and gain a great sense of calmness and happiness in my own skin.

Anh Nguyen

Great workout taught by ballerinas, really train body parts you don't get to use in normal activities. Teachers are awesome and remember your name.

Lindsey Chn

Balletbody is a really great place to workout, make new friends and also learn ballet techniques. I have been with Balletbody for over a year and I have seen myself getting stronger, fitter and livelier. All these would not have been possible without the encouragement and support of Ally and Lisha as well as their team of dedicated teachers and front-desk staff, Vanessa. If you want to work on your ballet techniques and yet achieve a good workout in the company of awesome people, Balletbody is the right place for you!

Maybelline Ooi Sim Leng

BalletBody is the perfect place to get a ballet-focused workout in! Instructors are all really passionate and really want to see you improve and enjoy the journey!

Gloria Tan

BalletBody is one of those places where you walk out of class feeling taller (cuz of all that stretching) and happier (happy endorphins from the workout, yo!) I've loved every single class - no two are the same. The instructors will challenge you and make you scream as you work the 8th set of passe releves. But like any ballet-crazed fan will tell you, those gorgeous ballet lines only happen through lots of sweat and tears. It helps that everyone in class is going through the same sequences with you, and I love the camaraderie as we spur each other on. Kudos to the the hardworking instructors who think up the barre moves and center sequences. Class is fun because of them and the hardworking ladies that I get to enjoy it with, every single time!

sue-ann Wxx

Beautiful place with great Instructors! Didn't have ballet experience prior to coming here, but the Instructors are extremely detailed and pay close attention to form.


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