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balletbody Basics

For those who want to fine-tune or learn the fundamentals of Ballet technique. Balletbody Basics teaches you the essentials while still giving a full body workout.

balletbody classic

Balletbody Classic is the perfect full body workout for any fitness level whether or not you have previous dance experience. Lengthen and sculpt your muscles with moves taken from a traditional ballet class to condition your body like a dancer.

balletbody Stretch

Balletbody Stretch is 45 minutes of stretches combined with myofascial release techniques to aid muscle recovery and increase flexibility. Iron out aches and pains using foam rollers and trigger point therapy and elongate your muscles using stretching techniques employed by professional ballet dancers.

balletbody Advance I

Feeling confident in your BalletBody Classic classes but apprehensive about transitioning to Advance? This is the class for you. BalletBody Advance I focuses on the art of learning choreography and applying the techniques mastered in BalletBody Classic to longer and more complex exercises.
Embark on an introduction to Pirouettes and Allegro with emphasis on the fundamentals and building a solid foundation for further advancement.

*We highly recommend you complete at least five BalletBody Classic classes before progressing to Advance I.

balletbody Advance II

For those who want to take their BalletBody journey to the next level. Embrace your inner Ballerina and channel your artistry with more challenging Adagio, Pirouette and Allegro combinations. Develop your musicality and refine your technique, a physical and mental workout that will leave you feeling inspired.

*We highly recommend you complete at least three BalletBody Advance I classes before progressing to Advance II.


Calling all mums-to-be, this class will keep you active while focusing on mindfulness and strengthening essential muscle groups to help you deal with the demands of your changing body. Low impact ballet exercises combined with gentle stretches, this class will leave you feeling graceful, lengthened and toned, for a healthy mind and body for both you and your baby. This class is also perfect for easing back into your regular workout routine post pregnancy.

*Always check with your doctor before starting on any exercise while pregnant or just after having a baby.

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